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GIG presents state-of-the-art safe equipment, green materials and consumables from the highest qualified international companies. It provides quality-oriented, environmentally clean systems and supplies with reasonable cost, mainly for the following industries:

        Electronics, electronic devices. electronic components, batteries and electromechanical parts

        Printed circuit boards manufacturing and assembly equipment, tools and consumables

        Electroplating and conversion surface finish equipment and consumables

        Painting plants, miscellaneous and consumables

        Parts printing equipment, miscellaneous and consumables

        Reverse Osmosis water purification equipment for professional applications, de-ionization plants & consumables

        Chemical waste water treatment plants and consumables

        Laboratory and scientific instruments, glassware and consumables

        Environmental simulation systems and equipment for thermal & cooling processing,

        Photovoltaic modules, storage & power conditioning, and energy save devices.   

        Electrostatic dissipating systems, flooring, measuring and controlling instruments, tools and miscellaneous

        Adhesives, potting compounds and coatings

        Industrial solvents and cleaners



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